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Even More Kalines

 My second order from my ridiculous ebay gains netted me two more PC needs. 1965 Topps is in the lower middle of my favorite Topps designs but I do like this clean Kaline at a good price. The second Kaline from this order gives us this pop-tastic 1972 Topps.  Another set in the middle of my favorite designs. At this point I only lack the 1966, 1968 and 1973 Kaline base cards, one of which will be coming in the next mail post. Thank you to Mac's Collectibles in Springfield, MO for these two fills.
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More Kalines

 In 2018 I bought one hobby box of Allen & Ginter at a card show.  My best finds at that show were the two Acuna and two Ohtani Topps Chrome RCs from the two boxes of Topps Chrome I bought; or so I thought. Flip to 2021 and I run across the Brooklyn Back Mini (09/25) Cryptocurrency card I got out of that A&G box.  I knew it had value as a Brooklyn Back but holy $#%$ I was not expecting what I found on Ebay. Deciding that I needed to get tires, tune-up etc. for my car I listed the card with a ridiculous (to me) Buy It Now amount and sold it within an hour.  A week and a half later, after shipping and delivery, I got a nice amount of funds in my checking account. I got the car repair done this past Saturday but also have made four card purchases in the Beckett Marketplace for some PC fills. The first to arrive in the mail is some more Al Kaline's to try and complete my run of his standard sized cards. Here is a lovely 1959 Topps All-Star card of our favorite Detroit Tiger.  A

Stimulus Purchases Part 3

The last part of my stimulus card funding went to Warren Spahn/ 1957 Topps was the first "standard" size set from Topps and since I don't really like the bigger cards this is as early as I plan on going on my Topps Spahns.  Might go for some Bowman if I win the lottery.  1957 is one of my favorite designs. 1960 Topps is another one of my favorite sets and a great way to start the decade.  This and the 1957 give me a six year run of Spahn cards from 1957 to 1962. If we get another stimulus check there will be more purchases to fill some of my PCs.

Stimulus Al Kaline

 The second part of my stimulus purchase I reserved for some Al Kaline fills: 1960 Topps.  I really enjoy the change of pace in the 1960 Topps design.  I'm not usually a fan of a horizontal set but this one works for me. 1962 Topps is probably my least favorite 1960's design and these fake swing poses never impress me. 1964 Topps.  This is a set I could see my self trying to complete after I finish my 1976.  Since I have been pretty passive in finishing the 1976 set that will probably be a while. These three cards now give me an uninterrupted Kaline Topps run from 1957 to 1965.  I need the 1966 and 1967 to fill up to my 1968 so I will probably be looking for those sometime this year.

Stimulus Purchases part 1

When I got my large stimulus check I made a large purchase on Beckett Marketplace from a single vendor. I was going to scan the cards and do this post much sooner but had some family issues in March that delayed the scanning. Part one of that purchase fills some set holes and fit in with my vintage Tigers and Braves collections. 1939 Playball 115 Ralph Kress This is actually my second 1939 Playball cards but my first Tiger.  Playball cards are extremely affordable compared to other sets from this area and I will probably purchase more before the end of the year. 1940 Playball 57 Max West The only 1940 Playball card in my collection fits with my Braves PC.  I used to have a Johnny Evers card from this set but sold it about 10 years ago. 1949 Bowman 213 Red Barrett My first 1949 Bowman card gives me at least one Braves card from every vintage Bowman year. Part 2 of my purchase features some fills from my player collections.  Hopefully I will post them in a more timely fashion than my las

Tax Refund Treasures

  I filed early and got a decent tax refund so I decided to buy a couple of more vintage cards for my PC. First up is this lovely 1957 Topps Al Kaline that fits nicely into my vintage Kaline collection.  It is now my oldest card of him.  Since I'm not a fan of the oversize Topps cards from before 1957 it is likely to stay my oldest Kaline. My collection was missing a Goudey card so I picked up this card that checks that off the list and is an addition to my vintage Tigers collection.  It is now my second oldest baseball card. A big thank you to Medina Sport Cards in Medina, Ohio for having these two great cards at good prices.

Stimulating the Economy

When I got my $600 stimulus check in January I decided that each time I get some extra money this year I will buy a couple of vintage cards for my PC. I started by looking at some Warren Spahn cards for my Milwaukee Braves collection. I already had this 1958 Topps And this 1961. In January I found these: That's a 1959 and a 1961. The 1959 is the B variation. Now I just need to find a 1960 Spahn to complete a nice 5 year run. I have a great Mathews run but I need to work on my Aaron collection as the oldest one I have is  1962. Next up will be my tax refund card purchase.  Then, hopefully, I'll find something from the expected stimulus check.