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Food Issues and Oddballs for Trade - Updated

Are you looking for oddball cards of your favorite player or team that you might not have had a chance to get when they came out?Check out my list of oddball and food issue cards for trade.There are some Kellogg's, Hostess, Post and other sets and stars you might need or know someone who does.I'm looking to trade for 1976 Topps needs so let me know what you want and check out my 1976 Topps want list.I didn't realize that I hadn't placed the page in the list of trade pages on the right!
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Multi-Player Madness

I was looking at some Tweets from people that had pulled or were selling cards with swatches and/or autographs of two or more superstars.  I was kind of jealous but I realized I do have some nice cards of this type.  Not necessarily superstars but still some good ones.
First we have wardrobe swatches of two of the great characters from one of my favorite shows.  If you like mystery and goofiness watch Psych.
My best basketball dual player patch card is this nice Karl Malone / Kosta Koufos card from SP Game Used.  It's very thick.  I'm not a big Jazz fan but I do like this card.

I've got a couple of soccer cards with plain swatches of Premier League and MLS players.
This is one of only two dual autographs cards I have in my personal collection.  It covers my Manchester United fandom.
Even golf gets into the act with this nice dual swatch card of two lovely and talented ladies.
My other dual autograph card in my personal collection is this Juan Marichal / Adrian Beltre from when U…


For those of you that don't know, the KBO is the Korean Baseball Organization.  The major leagues of South Korea.  There are 10 teams in the league and they all feature up to three foreign players.ESPN2 has been broadcasting games live in the early morning Eastern Time so I have been able to watch games most days since I start work at 7:00 AM.  There are no games on Mondays.Since I don't give a damn about the World Series since the Braves lost the KBO is my last bit of baseball for the year.  The playoffs are approaching in the next couple of weeks.I recommend watching it if you are up early.When I was going through all of my cards a couple of months ago I ran across some players that are currently in the KBO.

I could probably find more players but this is what I kept out.Once again, if you're up early give these games a chance.  It's decent but not great baseball and nice to have on in the background while I'm working.


While looking through the pictures of my personal collection I came across the buyback cards that I've accumulated over the years.I don't have many of them and they seem random to me.
Topps put a bunch of buybacks in products for their 75th anniversary.  This is a player I have never heard of but I like 1959 Topps so I'm happy to have this.
This card I got out of a hobby box of 2008 Topps Heritage.  It fits in my PC perfectly as it is a Brave and I have a small collection of 1950's Crandall cards.
Another Topps 75 buyback.  I have a regular copy of this card as part of my 1976 set build.  Maybe I should start looking for more 1976 buybacks.
A 1984 Topps Paul Householder?  Rediscover Topps?  Why?!?!
The final buyback comes from Bowman as part of the 70th anniversary.  At least this card is of a future Hall of Famer even if it is just a common card.
Overall, I'm not a big fan of buybacks unless they are of a star player or from an older set.  I mean, a 1984 Paul Householde…

I Have a Pokemon Card?

Back in the 1990's and early 2000's if it was on a collectable card I bought it.I believe I bought a souvenir tin of Pokemon CCG cards in 2000 just because they were there.I have no idea where the tin or almost all of the cards went but I did hold on to one of them because it had shiny foil on it. (Who hasn't done that?)
Beckett lists this card at around $20 so I've held on to it.  I don't have any idea how to play the Pokemon CCG but this holds a place in my PC with a Star Wars CCG Luke Skywalker, an X-Files CCG promo card and three Magic: The Gathering cards.At least I played Magic: The Gathering.But in the end, I have a Pokemon card.

1976 Topps Mail Day

Made another trade happen from Twitter and got 3 1976 Topps I need in exchange for a 1973 Steve Carlton.  That Carlton card documents one of the greatest pitching seasons ever.  The Phillies were 59-97 that year but Carlton was 27-10 and led the league in strikeouts. Wow!Here are the 3 lovely cards I got back in trade:
That is Reds backup catcher Bill Plummer, Cardinals SS/2B Mike Tyson, and the team card from the Oakland A's.  This was the last great Oakland team from their dynasty.  They were the 3-time defending World Champions but lost to the Red Sox in the AL Championship Series.Thank you to the Baseball Card Kid for the nice trade.Please see my 1976 Topps want list for what else I need.

Trade Mail Day

Daniel at It's Like Having My Own Card Shop was looking to add some Barry Bonds cards to is quest to get 762 different cards of the slugger.I had recently gone through all of my purge boxes and had taken out some cards of many great players including Bonds.The result was that I had around 40 cards that he needed.Since I am limiting my PC collecting he agreed to send me three lovely cards that I needed.
This 1962 All Star card takes it's place beside the base Aaron as my oldest Hank Aaron cards.
I didn't have an Aaron card from the 1968 set but this is a good start as it commemorates Hank leading the league in Home Runs in 1967.  It's easy to forget that Jim Wynn had some good years when you look at the other players on this card.
Here is a 1970 Topps 1969 Home Run Leaders card to go along with the Aaron All Star card I already had.  Like Wynn on the previous card, Lee May stands out as the oddball player here.I seem to recall that Daniel and I completed a trade about 10 y…