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Saturday, March 18, 2017

Georgia Does Have A Basketball Program. Really!

So Georgia lost to Belmont in the first round of the NIT this year.  While this is considered an upset, it is not a surprise to me.  UGA basketball history is full of probations and disappointing teams.  Winning 20 games in a season is almost unheard of so this year's team settled on 19.

Georgia basketball was terrible until Hugh Durham came along in the early 80's.  He somehow lured Dominique Wilkins to Athens and then recruited some fine player around him.  In 1983 Georgia made it's one and only Final Four appearance, losing to the famous Jim Valvano NC State team that year.

Georgia's star player on that team was Vern Fleming. Vern came down to Athens from New York City and ended up being a first round draft pick by the Pacers.

This is card 83 from the 1986 Star set.  For those of you who may be unaware, there was no major card set available for the NBA during the mid-eighties.  I had no way to get these cards near my house and ended up getting this card in a box of Crunch'n'Munch.  Toffee flavored, I beleive.

I'm pretty sure this is the only Star NBA card I ever owned.  Star eventually gave up producing basketball cards when Fleer got the NBA liscence.

Sunday, March 12, 2017

Play Ball!

A few more weeks and we'll be back in the swing of things for 2017.  I'm looking forward to rooting for the Tigers but will watch local Braves games unless the Tigers are on a network.

Remember, I'm not rooting for the Braves this year because of Liberty Medias corporate greed winning out over baseball.

The title of this post has 2 meanings as the card I'm highlighting is a 1939 Play Ball card :

This is card #91 of John Knott.  According to Baseball Reference he was more commonly known as Jack.   Knott finished 82-103 with a 4.97 ERA during his 12 year career.  He played for 3 teams during that span.  Amazing that he lasted as long as he did.  He struck out less than 500 batters and walked over 600 in 1500+ innings.

As with many of my vintage cards, I bought this card at a show.  I'd like to think I'll have enough money some day to buy more 1939 Play Ball but my lottery numbers don't seem overly lucky.