Wednesday, October 24, 2018

Star Wars Hits

I bought my first pack of Star Wars cards when they first came out after the first movie.  Not sure what happened to those cards.

I've been collecting Star Wars again for the past couple of years.  Here are some of my best cards.

I got this out of a pack of Jedi Legacy cards.  An authentic film cell of Darth Vader threatening to torture Princess Leia,

The other hits are autographs.

Here are 3 characters from various sets.

My best hit so far is this one.

I got it out of a pack I bought at Oxford Comics in Atlanta.

Not much of a writer this evening but wanted to get a post out.

Sunday, October 14, 2018

Walking Dead Hits

Sooooo.... I don't watch the Walking Dead but I collect the cards.  I do watch Fear the Walking Dead but there are no cards except on the Walking Dead Card Collector app.

Kinda frustrating but cards did eat my brain so collecting Walking Dead is appropriate.

Here are my best cards:

Morgan has crossed over in to Fear and is ending up as the main hero of that show.  This is as close as I can get to a Fear the Walking Dead memorabilia card.

No idea who this character is but getting a parallel auto out of a Wal-Mart rack box is a good hit.

Here are hits from the hobby boxes I bought a couple of months ago.

Another big hit from a Wal-Mart pre-pack.  This is a 1/1 parallel.

And to top it off....

This is my one and only sketch card from any set so it has a special place in my collection.

I tried getting in to the season premiere last week but gave up half way through.  I'll watch football or baseball tonight.

Friday, August 3, 2018

A Chance Well Taken

I took a chance and paid $38 for a Hit Parade repack of 1960 Topps cards.  It promised 5 cards with a chance of getting a graded card.  I got a Norm Cash card I needed for my Tigers' collection that books up to $25.  The other 4 cards were commons.

Then there was this at the bottom of the box.

 I'd say it was worth the $38.

Sunday, December 24, 2017

Cards I Ain't Got No More - Non-Sport Autographs

Back in 2010 there were repacks of Donruss Americana and Popcardz that came with one guaranteed hit per repack.  They were pretty cheap and I cleared them out of every Target I went to.  I got a great number of autos and some Popcardz swatch cards from these.

I sold most of the autos but still have a couple of duplicates.

I never saw an episode of The 4400 but have seen Robert Picardo in just about every one of my favorite shows over the years.

 I loved watching Night Court!  Who didn't love Bull?  This card is from Smallville, another show I never watched.

Another card from Smallville.  Annette has been in many movies and shows.

A trio of cards from veteran actors that appeared in Alias.

 I watched about the first season of Charmed.  I remember Kerr mostly from Dawson's Creek.

 Roger Burkle was Fred's father on Angel.

 Krysten is one of my favorite actresses.  I watched the first couple of seasons of Veronica Mars.

We end with Hellboy creator Mike Mignola.  I really liked the Hellboy II movie.  Don't remember if I ever saw the first one.

I had about 40 other autographs from these shows and others that I wish I still had but what are you gonna do....

Saturday, November 25, 2017

Cards I Ain't Got No More - Non-Sports

I really like non-sports cards and got into the first few releases of Donruss Americana and other sets from Topps.  I pulled many cards I liked and then ended up selling them on Ebay, much to my regret.

I was much more of a Mary Ann fan than a Ginger fan. 

 I'm A Believer!  (My apologies for the bad joke.)

These Marilyn Monroe swatches are in different Donruss sets but have to be from the same dress.  I had about 20 of the different Movie Posters cards with swatches from various stars.

Pieces of space vehicles are cool.  Should have kept them.

I bought a case of 2010 A&G a box at a time.  Would like these better if Blaine wasn't shirtless.

We end with these nice redemptions from Upper Deck.  I liked the fact that I didn't know what I would get when until these arrived in the mail.

Sunday, October 1, 2017

I Don't Get It

So today, in the Falcons game, we learn that a 10 yard, incomplete, forward pass can be a fumble and be the difference in the game.

Sunday, August 27, 2017

Cards I Ain't Got No More - Baseball

 We delve into the world of baseball in my cosmos of regret.  Here are some of my favorites that I sold on e-bay,

I got this card as a surprise insert in an Upper Deck tin.  It had their version of "Old Judge" cards in it.  Also got some nice autographs and memorabilia cards in the tin but this one stands out as the first Playball card I ever owned.

Rookie cards of 2 future Hall-of-famers.  I collected the heck out of this set as exhibited by all of the gold parallels I have listed on my trade page.

I took a chance on some packs of Royal Rookies just in the hope of getting this card and then I sold it.  Why?!?!?!?  I still have the regular card.

I'm a sucker for mullti-sport sets and it was nice to own a bat piece from the last .400 hitter.

What a great card.  It's even numbered 60/60 while Mr. Cub wishes Topps a Happy 60th.  Practically perfect.

I had no idea who Trout was when I sold this card.  I think I may have gotten 10 bucks for it.  (Forehead slap!)  I do have the regular card of this plus a Topps rookie card so I am not hurting for Trout cards.

Thursday, August 3, 2017

Cards I Ain't Got No More - Hockey

Yes.  Hockey.  I collect everything.

My dad grew up a Red Wings fan so I inherited the fandom.  This is just pretty.

Gold, on-card autos just pop.

Bought one box of Upper Deck series 1 that year and lucked out.

Needing money made us sell a card of our favorite paper from our local team.  When we used to have a local team.

I paid some top dollar for some UD Black boxes but love the set.

Wednesday, August 2, 2017

Cards I Ain't Got No More - Football

As with the basketball cards there are some football cards I wish I still had:

I bought a whole box of Bowman a few years ago and got this.  I think I sold this for what I had paid for the whole box.

 I've always like these mini-helmet cards.

 It's a sticker autograph but you gotta love Deacon Jones.

 Not a huge fan of this Greats of the Game design but love the autos.  Also had a Staubach and a Lott.

Might be the best card I ever pulled from a pack.