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I loved Game of Thrones so naturally I've been collecting the cards.
I came across Game of Thrones Inflexions on a website and bought three boxes.
Each box has three packs with each pack having three base cards and two hits.
Here is the result:

These are silver parallels of the base and are numbered out of 75.  There are other, rarer, parallels but I only got silver.  

These laser cut cards come one per box.

These are lenticular motion cards and also seem to be one per box.  They are semi-transparent and much prettier in person.
There were two autographs per box.

This is a "full-bleed" autograph card and is similar to cards from earlier sets.

These are called Valyrian autographs.

My favorite autograph set is these gold ink signatures.  The ink really stands out.
Each box seems to have one big hit so here there are in order of how much I like them.

This card contains an actual United Kingdom postage stamp.  I used to collect stamps and England was my specialty so I can appreciate thi…
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Happy Birthday Bobby

I'm a little late with this but Happy Birthday to Bobby Cox.
I met him once in the bookstore I worked in and helped him find a children's book for a gift.
He had on his Braves jacket but I would have recognized him anyway.
I think it was around 1990.

George Brett page 6

Page six is all 1984.  There were 3 major manufacturers and Topps and Fleer was also generating food sets and other oddities so there was plenty to buy.
This was between my junior and senior years of high school so any job many I made went toward cards.

Nestle Dream Team 3 Topps made these cards and Nestle packaged them with candy bars.  I'm pretty sure I got this card from a local shop as I was more of a Snicker's fan.
O-Pee-Chee 212 Those crazy Canadians!  They are more aboot hockey than baseball but I appreciate them having separate sets of cards.
Ralston Purina 13 This is a Topps product even though it's not a clone of the regular Topps cards like almost all of the others.
Seven-Eleven Coins 5 These discs came on the bottom of a Slurpee Cup inside a compartment on the underside.  As Seven-Eleven was close to my house I bought a bunch of Slurpee's in 1984 (Cherry and Cola swirl.)
Topps 500 Here is the actual Topps cards from 1984, not to be confused with it's 1 million clo…

2009 and 2010 Were Good Years for Bowman

As I stated a few posts ago, I found a stash of 2010 Bowman and Bowman Chrome of the various different varieties and found some decent cards of some good major league players that were not the top names in 2010.
Here's some of what I found:

2009 Bowman Chrome Draft Prospects DJ Lemahieu

2009 Bowman Chrome Draft Prospects Dallas Keuchel

2009 Bowman Draft Prospects Gold DJ Lemahieu

2010 Bowman Chrome Prospects Nolan Arenado

2010 Bowman Chrome USA Stars Francisco Lindor

2010 Bowman Chrome Prospects Green X-Fractors Gary Sanchez.
I found a few other cards that I haven't scanned including a Christian Yelich.
The lesson here is to hold on to those Bowman cards for a while when they are not immediately hot players.

George Brett page 5

Page 5 brings us in to 1983.  The Braves won the division for the first time I could remember and Dale Murphy would go on to win his second MVP award.  The city was having a ball. 
I was at the peak of my teen aged collecting, taking any money I got and going to 7-11 to buy some packs of cards and a Slurpee (with a baseball coin in the bottom.) 
George's batting average stayed above .300 and he was still the perennial American League All-Star Third baseman.
Here are the cards for page 5:

1983 Donruss 338 This is an almost identical Donruss design from 1982 except there is a glove instead of a ball and the bat points in the opposite direction.  Not a lot of imagination here.
1983 Fleer 649 Yes, it's a checklist but it has George's name on it.  I will replace it with a regular Brett Fleer card some day and put it in my Braves collection since their checklist is on the back.
1983 Kellogg's 4 We say goodbye to Kellogg's after this set.  It's a little on the small side compa…


I'm a traditionalist so I keep my over sized cards in a shoe box.
While I was looking through it I came across four tickets from games I had attended.ITh
We'll go through them in chronological order.
March 17, 1994 The Atlanta Knights were a farm team of the Tampa Bay Lightning.  Best known at first for having a female goalie in their first season the Knights won the IHL's Turner Cup in the 1993-94 seascuon. I don't remember what happened this particular game but I'm sure the atmosphere in the old Omni was good like it always was.

May 7, 1996 Good ole Atlanta - Fulton County Stadium hosted this game during it's Farewell Season (as noted on the ticket).  The Braves moved to Turner Field the next year.   According to the box score I looked up the Bravos won in the 10th on a double by fan favorite Javy Lopez. Hall of Famer Greg Maddux started the game for the Braves and pitched 8 innings. Here's a link to the box score:…

I'm Still Here!

Hello Loyal Readers,
For various reasons, I haven't posted in a few days.
Bottom line is I got my car fixed on Saturday (there went my stimulus money) and on Sunday i went to my storage unit to get all of the boxes of cards out so I could go through them. 
Besides being worn out from carrying everything upstairs, in five trips, it has taken all my free time since then looking through the cards and figuring out what I want to keep.
I realized that the boxes must have been in storage since 2013 since that is when the newest card is from.
There were a lot of 2010 and 2011 Bowman and Topps baseball and stuff from pretty much every sport (even non-sports).O
I found many things to add to my collection including some seeds for the Detroit Tigers collection I've decided to start.
It has been exhausting but I am finally done and may have the brain power tomorrow to put out an actual post.
Oh yeah, I found one of these: