Sunday, October 1, 2017

I Don't Get It

So today, in the Falcons game, we learn that a 10 yard, incomplete, forward pass can be a fumble and be the difference in the game.

Sunday, August 27, 2017

Cards I Ain't Got No More - Baseball

 We delve into the world of baseball in my cosmos of regret.  Here are some of my favorites that I sold on e-bay,

I got this card as a surprise insert in an Upper Deck tin.  It had their version of "Old Judge" cards in it.  Also got some nice autographs and memorabilia cards in the tin but this one stands out as the first Playball card I ever owned.

Rookie cards of 2 future Hall-of-famers.  I collected the heck out of this set as exhibited by all of the gold parallels I have listed on my trade page.

I took a chance on some packs of Royal Rookies just in the hope of getting this card and then I sold it.  Why?!?!?!?  I still have the regular card.

I'm a sucker for mullti-sport sets and it was nice to own a bat piece from the last .400 hitter.

What a great card.  It's even numbered 60/60 while Mr. Cub wishes Topps a Happy 60th.  Practically perfect.

I had no idea who Trout was when I sold this card.  I think I may have gotten 10 bucks for it.  (Forehead slap!)  I do have the regular card of this plus a Topps rookie card so I am not hurting for Trout cards.

Thursday, August 3, 2017

Cards I Ain't Got No More - Hockey

Yes.  Hockey.  I collect everything.

My dad grew up a Red Wings fan so I inherited the fandom.  This is just pretty.

Gold, on-card autos just pop.

Bought one box of Upper Deck series 1 that year and lucked out.

Needing money made us sell a card of our favorite paper from our local team.  When we used to have a local team.

I paid some top dollar for some UD Black boxes but love the set.

Wednesday, August 2, 2017

Cards I Ain't Got No More - Football

As with the basketball cards there are some football cards I wish I still had:

I bought a whole box of Bowman a few years ago and got this.  I think I sold this for what I had paid for the whole box.

 I've always like these mini-helmet cards.

 It's a sticker autograph but you gotta love Deacon Jones.

 Not a huge fan of this Greats of the Game design but love the autos.  Also had a Staubach and a Lott.

Might be the best card I ever pulled from a pack.

Tuesday, July 25, 2017

Cards I Ain't Got No More - Basketball

Everyone once in a while I would sell cards on E-Bay to get come quick money.  I found the DVDs that I had saved the images on.  Here's some of my favorite NBA cards I let go of.

I hate the Celtics and hate Ohio State and still, somehow, love Havlicek.  An on-card auto of a Hall-of-Famer is always nice.

Greats of the Game is one of my all-time faves across all of the sports that used this design. 

Hated to let go of a Michigan player but..... 

This was a weird multi-sport set from Press Pass that I only bought one box of.  This is the best card I got.

I think this was the first basketball autograph I ever got so it held a sentimental place in my collection.

Friday, June 30, 2017

Trade Bait

Look on the left for baseball trade bait categories and send me an e-mail of your interests.

Tuesday, May 23, 2017

The Great Racing Weekemd

Memorial Day weekend revolves around auto racing for me.  Sunday is the greatest single day of the year with Monaco, the Indy 500 and the Nascar race rounding out the weekend.  Here are some of my favorite racing cards that represent all of these series.

1992 Grid Formula One - A rookie card of the most successful F1 driver ever.

2008 Press Pass insert - Montoya was successful in all 3 series.

2006 Topps A&G mini - The only woman to win a race in F1, Indy Racing or NASCAR.

Thursday, May 4, 2017

Star Wars Day

I'm happy to say that I am old enough to have seen Star Wars when it came out in 1977.  If only I had kept my Star Wars toys in their original packaging.....

I passively collect Star Wars cards.  Here are a few of my favorites.

And now I will play Star Wars online.  Good night!

Sunday, April 30, 2017

I Feel A Draft

I watched very little of the NFL draft this year.  It's not because I wasn't interested but I have regular shows that I watch on Thursday and Friday evenings.  Back in the old days I would watch all day Saturday but the primetime draft eludes my interest.

As far as I know, only one player was ever drafted that went to my high school (Clarkston):

Robert O'Neal was an All-ACC player at Clemson and was drafted by the Dolphins in the 6th round in 1993. He only played 2 regular season NFL games, for the Colts in 1994.  He was 4 years behind me in school but, if I remember correctly, he lived in my neighborhood and we played nerf football with the other kids.  I know there was a kid named Robert that I could heave the ball as far as I c.ould and he would run under it 

Probably the most famous person that went to Clarkston was Sean Mullins, who had a couple of hits in the 1990's.  He was a year behind me.  I remember him singing in the chorus.

Sunday, April 23, 2017

The Spirit of '76

I've never really been in to trying to complete a full set.  I usually collect a player or team instead of needing everything from a particular year.  The exception is 1976 Topps Baseball.  The first pack of baseball cards I bought was from this set on the night after I went to my first Braves games in 1976.

I'm about 80-100 cards short of complete right now but will finish this at some point.  I love this design and the player selection can't be beat with the All-Time All-Stars cards making an affordable way to get some of the all-time greats.  That is Aaron's last card and Eckersley's first.  I love the stylized player in the corner of each card, with the exception being on the all-star cards (Bench).

It's hard for me to believe that this set came out 41 years ago.  Make's me feel older than I actually am (50).

Thursday, April 20, 2017

Der Herre Der Ringe

Several years ago a guy I worked with went to Europe for a week.  I asked him to buy me a pack or two of cards or stickers.  What he brought me was chocolate candy with this in it:

I can't read the German on the back but I think this is cool.  I have 2 more stickers from this set that he gave me.  It is from Kinder Riegel Schokolade.

Wednesday, April 5, 2017

The True Masters

One of my favorite annual viewing pleasures starts tomorrow: The Masters.  My entire weekend plan will revolve around it.  After a day of storms today the weather for the weekend should allow the tournament to play out over the four days.  I have many golf cards but here are three that represent 21 victories and 13 runner-up finishes:

13 wins from these 3 greats.  This is simply my best memorabilia card from any sport.

4 Wins.  After buying many gold boxes I finally got a Tiger swatch out of this catch-all set.

 4 more wins from Faldo and Couples.  Duval finished second twice.

It will be bittersweet with no Arnie teeing off tomorrow but I hope it will be a great tournament.

I'll set my Tigers Woods golf to the tournament settings and see how I score.  I'll let you know if I win.

Monday, April 3, 2017

Tennis Masters

With the golf Masters starting this week I decided to highlight a couple of tennis masters.  They met in the final of the Miami Open this weekend in another match-up of 2 of the top athletes of the 21st century.

 These are from the 2003 Netpro set and are rookie cards of both players.  I got a box of this a few years ago on clearance at a Wal-mart, which is why I have these.  Neither of them had won a major yet.

Wednesday, March 29, 2017

Another Nice Insert of That One Player

Those of us that have collected cards for a long time (over 40 years for me) all have one or a few players that we seem to get many, many good cards for.  We end up with a decent player collection of someone that we don't actually collect actively.

Frank Thomas is one for me but the player that stands out the most is Mats Sundin.  I have a hoard of good inserts of him.

Me being lazy, I only have one card scanned but it is my favorite.  A 1997-98 Leaf Fractal Matrix X-Axis Silver Die Cut.  Easily one of the most confusing inserts of the 1990's, the Fractal Matrix set featured different colors and shapes which I still have no interest in actually figuring out.

If you're a Maple Leaf or Sundin collector drop me a line and maybe we can work out a trade.

Saturday, March 18, 2017

Georgia Does Have A Basketball Program. Really!

So Georgia lost to Belmont in the first round of the NIT this year.  While this is considered an upset, it is not a surprise to me.  UGA basketball history is full of probations and disappointing teams.  Winning 20 games in a season is almost unheard of so this year's team settled on 19.

Georgia basketball was terrible until Hugh Durham came along in the early 80's.  He somehow lured Dominique Wilkins to Athens and then recruited some fine player around him.  In 1983 Georgia made it's one and only Final Four appearance, losing to the famous Jim Valvano NC State team that year.

Georgia's star player on that team was Vern Fleming. Vern came down to Athens from New York City and ended up being a first round draft pick by the Pacers.

This is card 83 from the 1986 Star set.  For those of you who may be unaware, there was no major card set available for the NBA during the mid-eighties.  I had no way to get these cards near my house and ended up getting this card in a box of Crunch'n'Munch.  Toffee flavored, I beleive.

I'm pretty sure this is the only Star NBA card I ever owned.  Star eventually gave up producing basketball cards when Fleer got the NBA liscence.

Sunday, March 12, 2017

Play Ball!

A few more weeks and we'll be back in the swing of things for 2017.  I'm looking forward to rooting for the Tigers but will watch local Braves games unless the Tigers are on a network.

Remember, I'm not rooting for the Braves this year because of Liberty Medias corporate greed winning out over baseball.

The title of this post has 2 meanings as the card I'm highlighting is a 1939 Play Ball card :

This is card #91 of John Knott.  According to Baseball Reference he was more commonly known as Jack.   Knott finished 82-103 with a 4.97 ERA during his 12 year career.  He played for 3 teams during that span.  Amazing that he lasted as long as he did.  He struck out less than 500 batters and walked over 600 in 1500+ innings.

As with many of my vintage cards, I bought this card at a show.  I'd like to think I'll have enough money some day to buy more 1939 Play Ball but my lottery numbers don't seem overly lucky.

Thursday, March 9, 2017

Ye Gods! I'm 50!

I hit 50 today.  After a major health scare last summer I consider this a major achievement.

I was thinking about things I used to like that I no longer even care about and started wondering why I don't watch hockey anymore.  Then I figured it out....

Bonus points to anyone that can tell why, based on these 3 images.

Thursday, March 2, 2017

I Have A T206 Card

I've never had the urge to collect T206 cards but I felt the need to have one card in my collection since this is the iconic baseball card set of the first half of the twentieth century.  I got this card at a pawn shop for $8 almost 20 years ago.  Rube Geyer.  Never heard of him before I got this card.  This is a Piedmont back.  This was the first tobacco card I ever owned.

Wednesday, March 1, 2017

I Really Like "Real" Bowman

I got my first vintage Bowman card a few years ago and have picked up several Braves cards at shows over the past 3 or 4 years.  I don't admit to liking all of the sets but I really like a few of them.

The 1950 set is comes as smaller cards than standard.  I like the clean design.  This is outfielder Willard Marshall on card 73. 

Here is Willard again from the 1951 set.  I like this better than the 1952 set.  The only real difference is that the 1951 set has the name on the front and the 1952 has a facsimile signature.  As you can see, these cards a little taller than the 1950 cards.  This is card 98.

I bypass the, very plain, 1953 Bowman set and pick up on 1954.  This card is only slightly smaller than the Topps cards of this era.  I have a nice Del Crandall collection.  This is card 32.

The 1955 set is ugly to me.  It's the wood grain TV set.  I have one card of Bill Bruton.

In my current, casual collecting state it will probably be a while before I pick up any more vintage Bowman but if any one has any to trade I'd be open.

Wednesday, February 15, 2017

A Week Later

As a Falcon's Fan it has taken me awhile to write this post but the Super Bowl loss is mitigated by the fact that Tom Brady is my favorite player.

My second favorite player is the other QB from that game that, unfortunately, did not execute in the 4th quarter.  All year I have known that the Falcons had to get to 30 points in a game to win and I was excited when they were in FG range with a change to get to 31 points.  As is well documented, that all went south.

My favorite Matt Ryan card is from one of those hobby store giveaway sets:

This is from 2008 Topps and is number 1 in the set.

For those Atlanta haters out there, stop it (Michael Wilbon).  Everyone says we don't support our teams like other cities.  Half of our citizens grew up in other cities and they came to town with favorite teams, so get over it.  I'm sorry so many people chose to leave other cities to live somewhere better.

Saturday, February 11, 2017

Why I Don't Sleep In On Week Ends

I love soccer and was elated a few years ago when NBC Sports Network started showing English Premier League Games.

Then in 2013 Topps came out with a Premier League Gold set.  My favorite collecting store got a case and held a box for me while I bought one pack at a time.  Each pack comes with an autograph or a relic.  I bought a second box online when I won some lottery money.

I like the base card design since the front is devoted to the picture and does not have unnecessary froo-froo cluttering it up.

I chose Brad Guzan because it has been announced that he will be playing for Atlanta United in MLS when the premier league season ends.  I cannot stand Brad Guzan. I'll have to reconcile this.

The inserts all have the same basic design with the name, in this case "MidfieIld Maestros
on the left.  Not a lot of imagination for the inserts to all have the same design.

I've only gotten 3 or 4 printing plates in my collecting history.  This came as a  "relic" in one of the packs.

In addition to inserts there are also parallel cards.  This one is numbered out of /99.  I don't have any of the 1/1 parallels.

  The basic relic cards have a small patch in them and do not have serial numbers.  I have a  dual player relic card also.

This is my only relic card with a big swatch,  This is numbered out of /99.

The basic autographs are pretty plain.  As with most Topps sets the signature is on a sticker.  Besides the ones I got in packs I got some at a card show.

I got one serial numbered autograph in each box I opened.  These are numbered out of 50.

I will buy more boxes of this if I have some more lottery luck.

I'll be up watching Chelsea tomorrow morning after staying up late to watch Saturday Night Live.

I Don't Get It

So today, in the Falcons game, we learn that a 10 yard, incomplete, forward pass can be a fumble and be the difference in the game.