Tuesday, July 25, 2017

Cards I Ain't Got No More - Basketball

Everyone once in a while I would sell cards on E-Bay to get come quick money.  I found the DVDs that I had saved the images on.  Here's some of my favorite NBA cards I let go of.

I hate the Celtics and hate Ohio State and still, somehow, love Havlicek.  An on-card auto of a Hall-of-Famer is always nice.

Greats of the Game is one of my all-time faves across all of the sports that used this design. 

Hated to let go of a Michigan player but..... 

This was a weird multi-sport set from Press Pass that I only bought one box of.  This is the best card I got.

I think this was the first basketball autograph I ever got so it held a sentimental place in my collection.

Cards I Ain't Got No More - Non-Sport Autographs

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