Saturday, January 24, 2015

Game of Thrones Season 3 Hobby Box

I ordered a Game of Thrones Season 3 box online in December to see if I could get something good.

My season 1 and season 2 purchases were from loose packs at a local comic book store but I had gotten 3 autographs including Conleth Hill, who plays Lord Varis, so I've had some luck.

I got a full set of base from the season 3 box plus some good inserts.

Here are the best cards:

Card #7 Gold Parallel
This card is numbered out of 150 and is my first gold card from any season.

This is a Gallery card of Jaime Lannister.  It looks much better in person as it has a wonderful 3-D foil effect.

The first of 2 autographs from the box is from the Full Bleed autograph set.  This is my first of this type of autograph.  Tobias plays Edmure Tully, brother of Caitlyn Stark and thus uncle to the various Stark children.  It is his wedding that turns into the infamous Red Wedding.

The second autograph in the box made me happy, happy, happy!





Sophie Turner as Sansa Stark!



This is a definite hit.

I'm looking forward to Season 4 cards coming out.

Monday, January 12, 2015

The Last December Card Show Post

Here's the rest of what I got at the December card show.

1971 Topps 62
Rico Carty was a great hitter but was limited by injuries throughout his career.  Joe Torre's hat seems to be barely in his head.

1972 Topps 172
Topps occasionally put In Action or similar cards in sets to fill out their planned card count.  I'm not a fan.  Evans appears to be levitating to catch a pop fly.

1973 Topps 1
Forget the crease, this is a perfect card.

1973 Topps 266
Mike looks very intense but someone probably should have told him that he is not in the batter's box....

1975 Topps 154
And again.....

1975 Topps 499
Marty started for the Braves for 5 years and was the epitome of a light hitting middle infielder.  His career slugging percentage was .347.  He did manage to drive in 57 runs in 1973 but didn't manage even 40 in any other season.

1975 Topps 589
We end our card show posts with the 1975 Braves team.  Clyde King managed during 5 different seasons in his career but his only full season was with the Giants in 1969.  Clyde finished the 1974 season with the Braves after replacing Eddie Mathews but he was gone after 134 games in 1975.

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