Monday, March 31, 2014

I came back. I left. I may be back now.

So last July I thought I would get into blogging again and that lasted one day.  Since then I have really focused my collecting to focus on vintage Braves cards.  I'm going to start scanning what I have.

The highlights will be some nice 1950 Bowman I picked up at the last show I went to and some Hank Aaron's that I got in trade at one of the previous shows.

I'll start scanning tomorrow evening so expect a post tomorrow or Wednesday.

I'm also adding a Braves want list so please check that out and let me know if you're interested in trading.

I mean it this time.

I Don't Get It

So today, in the Falcons game, we learn that a 10 yard, incomplete, forward pass can be a fumble and be the difference in the game.