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More Kalines

 In 2018 I bought one hobby box of Allen & Ginter at a card show.  My best finds at that show were the two Acuna and two Ohtani Topps Chrome RCs from the two boxes of Topps Chrome I bought; or so I thought.

Flip to 2021 and I run across the Brooklyn Back Mini (09/25) Cryptocurrency card I got out of that A&G box.  I knew it had value as a Brooklyn Back but holy $#%$ I was not expecting what I found on Ebay.

Deciding that I needed to get tires, tune-up etc. for my car I listed the card with a ridiculous (to me) Buy It Now amount and sold it within an hour.  A week and a half later, after shipping and delivery, I got a nice amount of funds in my checking account.

I got the car repair done this past Saturday but also have made four card purchases in the Beckett Marketplace for some PC fills.

The first to arrive in the mail is some more Al Kaline's to try and complete my run of his standard sized cards.

Here is a lovely 1959 Topps All-Star card of our favorite Detroit Tiger.  Anyone else seeing what I'm seeing here?

Should Topps sue for copyright infringement?  I would say for a piece of the gates from the movie but who are we kidding?

Here's a lovely 1970 Topps that is off center but otherwise very clean for a 51 year old card.

Lastly, for this purchase, we have this very nice 1971 Topps.  I think this is the best conditioned 1971 Topps card I own.

I've got three more Kaline cards coming in two of the remaining three purchases I made.  I'll post those as I get them.

Thank you to 1,000,000 Baseball Cards for these lovely Al's.



  1. Congratulations on flipping that Cryptocurrency card! Just saw what it sold for and was speechless. That's so awesome!

  2. After hearing about how much the base cards were/are selling for, I can only imagine how much you must've netted from a low numbered mini.


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