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Sooooooooo Close

 I found a dealer that had two more Kaline base cards I needed plus a bonus to add to my collection.

1965 Topps #410.  Another fake swing card but this gets me closer to the complete standard size Kaline collection so no more complaints.

1968 Topps #240.  Here is a much more natural pose even if it is in the middle of nowhere.  And another one checked off the list.

1968 Topps Game #27.  I love this set and this gives me Mays, Aaron and Kaline so that is a great outfield.

So now I am down to a 1969 and the ones listed on the Beckett Marketplace say the dealer is on vacation until July so I may have to hit Ebay to see what I can find.


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1976 Topps Mail Day

Made another trade happen from Twitter and got 3 1976 Topps I need in exchange for a 1973 Steve Carlton.  That Carlton card documents one of the greatest pitching seasons ever.  The Phillies were 59-97 that year but Carlton was 27-10 and led the league in strikeouts. Wow! Here are the 3 lovely cards I got back in trade: That is Reds backup catcher Bill Plummer, Cardinals SS/2B Mike Tyson, and the team card from the Oakland A's.  This was the last great Oakland team from their dynasty.  They were the 3-time defending World Champions but lost to the Red Sox in the AL Championship Series. Thank you to the Baseball Card Kid for the nice trade. Please see my 1976 Topps want list for what else I need.

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