Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Braves Collection - 1950 Bowman

I got all of my 1950 Bowman for $3 a piece at the monthly card show I went to a couple of weekends ago.  I usually attend this show about 6 times a year depending on how it falls with my pay schedule.  I dealt with the dealers I normally deal with that had some 1976 Topps that I needed to get toward set completion and then spotted this box that had 1949 - 1954 Bowman and even some 1952 Topps for $3 a piece.  I only had $30 to spend so I got 6 1950 and 4 1952 Bowman I needed for my collection.

The pictures are larger than the actual cards.

73 Willard Marshall - Received in a trade with the Giants after the 1949 season.

110 Tommy Holmes - The 1945 NL Batting Champion.  This card has an X drawn in blue pen on the back.

111 Walker Cooper - The netting in the background looks like someone drew on it in pen but it is part of the picture.

163 Earl Torgeson - Was injured most of the 1949 season.

The back of the 1950 Bowman is landscape with biographical information including some basic stats.  Born in Snohomish.  Awesome!

164 Sibby Sisti - One of the best baseball names ever.

192 Bob Chipman - Received in trade from the Cubs before the 1950 season.

I'm hoping that this vendor is at one of the future shows as I will make sure I have a pocketful of cash.  These cards were a great bargain.

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