Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Can't Give'em Away

Two days ago I did a post announcing that I would send cards to anyone that wanted them.  I got 8 whole page views and no responses so I guess I'll just put my cards in storage and see if I ever get back into collecting.  The post was deleted.

I do have couple of packages to go out this weekend but those will be the last apparently.


  1. Two days ago I was sicker than sick... That said, I too am trying to pare down my collection (basically by emphasizing only my set collections plus Larkin cards of course).

    As for page views and comments, I've also noticed a pretty big drop in viewers/readers/commenters lately. I don't know if people are moving on from baseball to football or if it's some sort of bigger statement about the hobby in general.

  2. If you ever have any Cubs stuff you wanna purge, I'll gladly take em off your hands.

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