Sunday, November 15, 2015

George Brett Collection Part 1

I've decided to highlight one card a year from George Brett's career plus a few from after he retired.  I've posted before that I saw him hit a home run and then, later in the game, start a brawl with the pitcher during a game at Tiger Stadium in 1980.  This made him my favorite player and I have actively collected his card over the years.  I have many more cards of him but, as part of my efforts to pare down my collection, I'm only keeping some of them.

One can only start off a George Brett collection with his 1975 Topps Rookie Card:

1975 is not my favorite Topps set.  After many years of wavering about spending the money I bought this card off of E-bay.  Not sure why I waited so long.

George was a solid but unspectacular hitter in the minor leagues as evidenced by the lack of .300 seasons shown here.  The red and green backs are not the easiest to read.

George's second mainstream card, 1975 Topps highlights his first .300 season:

My first pack of baseball cards was bought in 1976 but I didn't get this card.  I think I got this at a card show or at a card shop sometime in the 1990's.

I'm sentimental about this set because it got me started with baseball cards but the backs are soooooo hard to read.

The next card, 1977 Topps, is he first Brett card I got out of a pack.

The All-Star bar at the bottom enhances the design of this set.

The back highlights the first of George's batting titles.  The text is much easier to read than the 1976 set.

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