Saturday, February 11, 2017

Why I Don't Sleep In On Week Ends

I love soccer and was elated a few years ago when NBC Sports Network started showing English Premier League Games.

Then in 2013 Topps came out with a Premier League Gold set.  My favorite collecting store got a case and held a box for me while I bought one pack at a time.  Each pack comes with an autograph or a relic.  I bought a second box online when I won some lottery money.

I like the base card design since the front is devoted to the picture and does not have unnecessary froo-froo cluttering it up.

I chose Brad Guzan because it has been announced that he will be playing for Atlanta United in MLS when the premier league season ends.  I cannot stand Brad Guzan. I'll have to reconcile this.

The inserts all have the same basic design with the name, in this case "MidfieIld Maestros
on the left.  Not a lot of imagination for the inserts to all have the same design.

I've only gotten 3 or 4 printing plates in my collecting history.  This came as a  "relic" in one of the packs.

In addition to inserts there are also parallel cards.  This one is numbered out of /99.  I don't have any of the 1/1 parallels.

  The basic relic cards have a small patch in them and do not have serial numbers.  I have a  dual player relic card also.

This is my only relic card with a big swatch,  This is numbered out of /99.

The basic autographs are pretty plain.  As with most Topps sets the signature is on a sticker.  Besides the ones I got in packs I got some at a card show.

I got one serial numbered autograph in each box I opened.  These are numbered out of 50.

I will buy more boxes of this if I have some more lottery luck.

I'll be up watching Chelsea tomorrow morning after staying up late to watch Saturday Night Live.

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  1. One of these days... I'll start following the English Premier League. For now... I'm enjoying my break until the San Jose Earthquakes and MLS soccer starts next month.


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