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Too Big For Their Own Good

After they made the 1970-71 Basketball "tall" set Topps decided to go with standard sized cards for the next few years; until 1976 that is.

The 1976-77 Topps cards are way too big.  They are hard to store except in a shoe box.

Having said that, I somehow ended up with some cards from the set.

John Drew was the Hawks leading scorer for several years in the late 1970's.  He was eventually part of the trade that got Dominique Wilkins for the Hawks.

Not sure about this picture.  What was Topps thinking putting this on a card?

My best card from the set is this David Thompson rookie card.  I don't think I ever saw Thompson play in a game.  I hear he was pretty amazing.

Tell me what you think of oversized cards.


  1. Although they sometimes are a pain to store, I enjoy most of them. I really like the 1976-77 Topps design. I'd love to eventually add the Dr. J card.


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