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 While looking through the pictures of my personal collection I came across the buyback cards that I've accumulated over the years.

I don't have many of them and they seem random to me.

Topps put a bunch of buybacks in products for their 75th anniversary.  This is a player I have never heard of but I like 1959 Topps so I'm happy to have this.

This card I got out of a hobby box of 2008 Topps Heritage.  It fits in my PC perfectly as it is a Brave and I have a small collection of 1950's Crandall cards.

Another Topps 75 buyback.  I have a regular copy of this card as part of my 1976 set build.  Maybe I should start looking for more 1976 buybacks.

A 1984 Topps Paul Householder?  Rediscover Topps?  Why?!?!

The final buyback comes from Bowman as part of the 70th anniversary.  At least this card is of a future Hall of Famer even if it is just a common card.

Overall, I'm not a big fan of buybacks unless they are of a star player or from an older set.  I mean, a 1984 Paul Householder?  Once again, why?


  1. Lol. If you're Householder's mom or daughter... you're probably stoked they inserted him into packs again ;D


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