Monday, December 22, 2014

December Braves 1959 - Part 1

I picked up a BUNCH of 1959 Topps Braves at the last show so I'll break them into three posts.

The defending champion Braves reached the World Series again in 1958 but lost to the Yankees.  It would be 1991 before the franchise reached the series again.

Like the 1958 Topps the 1959 feature a "normal" design for the Braves cards, yellow background with red name.

54 - Mel Roach
As a backup middle infielder in 1958 Mel hit a nifty .309 in 136 at bats.  This is the only green example of a Braves card I have from 1959.

65 - Frank Torre
The brother of Joe, Frank was the left handed part of the Braves first base platoon with Joe Adcock.  Like Mel Roach, Frank hit .309 in 1959 but in 372 at bats.

95 - Carl Willey
It's pink!  A rookie in 1959, Carl had a nice 2.70 ERA in 140 innings.

104 - Del Rice
A nice example of the "normal" Braves card from this set.  Del served as the Braves backup catcher.

128 - Bob Hartman
Bob pitched for the Atlanta Crackers in 1958 and went 20-10 with  2.94 ERA.  These great stats got him recognition from the Sporting News as a top prospect.

157 - Felix Mantilla
Milwaukee's main infield utility player, Felix was more know for his fielding than his hitting.  According to the card back he once scored 2 runs in 1 inning after coming in as a pinch runner.

There will be mostly yellow cards in the next post from 1959.

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