Sunday, December 21, 2014

December Braves - Part 2 - 1958

I already have a good number of 1958 Topps Braves, including Spahn and Mathews, but I found 4 more cards I needed at the last show.

223 - Andy Pafko
Andy provided a veteran presence on the 1957 World Champions.  The light blue background is not normal for a 1958 Topps Braves card.

247 - Casey Wise
Played for the Cubs in 1957.  Once again this is not the "normal" design for a 1958 Topps Braves card.

313 - Bob Rush.
Also played for the Cubs in 1957.  19 of the 26 1958 Topps Braves cards that I have feature a green background and a red bar at the bottom, making this the "normal" design for the year.

472 - Joe Jay
More commonly known as "Joey".  Spent all but 1 game in the minors during the 1957 season.  Won 21 games twice for the Cubs in the early 60's.

Next up will be the 17 1959 Topps Braves cards I picked up at the show.

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