Wednesday, March 1, 2017

I Really Like "Real" Bowman

I got my first vintage Bowman card a few years ago and have picked up several Braves cards at shows over the past 3 or 4 years.  I don't admit to liking all of the sets but I really like a few of them.

The 1950 set is comes as smaller cards than standard.  I like the clean design.  This is outfielder Willard Marshall on card 73. 

Here is Willard again from the 1951 set.  I like this better than the 1952 set.  The only real difference is that the 1951 set has the name on the front and the 1952 has a facsimile signature.  As you can see, these cards a little taller than the 1950 cards.  This is card 98.

I bypass the, very plain, 1953 Bowman set and pick up on 1954.  This card is only slightly smaller than the Topps cards of this era.  I have a nice Del Crandall collection.  This is card 32.

The 1955 set is ugly to me.  It's the wood grain TV set.  I have one card of Bill Bruton.

In my current, casual collecting state it will probably be a while before I pick up any more vintage Bowman but if any one has any to trade I'd be open.

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  1. I'm especially fond of the 1950 and 1951 cards. The blue sky and ball park settings are top notch.


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