Saturday, September 13, 2014

Fun From The $3 Box - The Final Cut

Wow!  5 page views on the last post.  My readership went up 67%!

And now, for your listening pleasure:

The Beatles!

The last 5 cards I got from the non-sport boxes that the vendor had.  I wanted to buy more out of these boxes but talked myself out of many cards from various sets even though they were really cool. I got card from 4 different Topps Beatles sets.

1964 Topps Beatles Black and White Series 2

Card 69 - The classic mirro pose from Paul and George.

Not a lot going on here on the back.

Card 98 - Ringo!

1964 Topps Beatles Color

Card 55 - The whole Fab Four in one shot.  Obviously taken from the Ed Sullivan show appearance hi-lighted above.

Great card backs - by far the best of the 4 series I have cards from.

1964 Topps Beatles Diary

Card 9A - John Lennon singing lead.  Again, from the Ed Sullivan show.

Paul goes on a diatribe about British deejays.

1964 Topps A Hard Days Night

Card 37 - Paul chatting with someone off camera.

The card back definitely gets the point across that this set is from a movie.

I hope everyone enjoyed the $3 box.

I hope this vendor comes back to Atlanta sometime soon.

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