Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Fun From The $3 Boxes - Part 3

The last of the baseball cards I got at the show are 5 cards from 1956 Topps:

131 - Bob Roselli

Another backup catcher.  Had 9 at bats in 1955 but was featured in an early series.  Go figure.

185 - Bill Bruton

Led the NL in steals for the 3rd straight year in 1955.  Set the table for the big boppers in the Milwaukee lineup.

244 - Bob Buhl

A solid pitcher for several years with the Braves.  Was 3rd in the NL in ERA in 1955.

254 - George Crowe

15 HR and 55 RBI in only 303 ABs in 1955.

294 - Ernie Johnson

ERNIE!  With Pete van Wieran's recent passing, all 3 of the Braves voices I grew up with are gone.  Ernie was a top flight relief pitcher for several years for the Braves and a key piece of their bullpen during their World Series campaigns in 1957 and 1958.  You young'uns probably know his son better from watching NBA games on TNT.

I have 7 more cards to write about from this show but I'll keep them a mystery until the next post.

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