Monday, September 8, 2014

Fun From The $3 Boxes - Part 2

I need many cards from the "big" Topps sets of the early 50's.  I picked up 10 cards from these sets.  Here are the first 5.

I added my first 1952 Topps Braves cards:

97 - Earl Torgeson

I prefer my earlier Bowman Torgeson's but it is nice to finally have a cards from this iconic set.

1953 Topps

185 - Jim Pendleton

The Braves received Jim from the Dodgers before the 1953 season.

214 - Bill Bruton

My favorite Bill Bruton card so far.

1955 Topps:

23 - Jack Parks
Played 11 years in the minor leagues before making the Majors with the Braves in 1955.

103 - Charlie White

Another backup catcher from 1955.  I see a theme!

Next up will be 5 1956's.

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