Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Ramblings From The Brainless

I've been meaning to actually post something for a while but am hooked on Star Wars Online and have spent waaaaaaaaaay too much time, and money, playing it.

I haven't gotten many cards lately but I'll scan some of the newest old cards I got.

I've gotten also gotten hooked on Big Brother and am wondering how Frankie is still in the house.  Since Ariana Grande is his sister I'm sure he doesn't need the half million dollars.

Miscellaneous ramblings:

Not happy about "Thursday Night Football" moving Big Bang Theory and Sherlock off of their time slots.  I don't need the NFL on Thursdays.  The college football games are nice to flip to during commercials or reruns.

Somebody please put the Braves out of their misery.  My Labor Day was depressed by the Phillies no-hitter.  I'm surprised the Braves haven't been no-hit earlier this year with their pathetic of fence.

The power went out for an hour and a half right as I was about to post this.  I hope it wasn't a commentary on the quality of the post.

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