Monday, March 9, 2015

Mission To Mars Card Pages Part 1

My concept here is loosely inspired by last week's Big Bang Theory episode in which Sheldon registers to be selected for an expedition to Mars.

I started thinking about what I would be able to take with me on such a mission and decided I could take no more than ten 9-card pages from my card collection.  I also decided that each part of my collection cannot have more than one page.  The cards must fit into a regulation page as far as height and width but I am taking liberties with how thick some of the cards are.  This means my 1956 Topps Ernie Johnson had to be left out but some thicker memorabilia cards are included.

Here are my ten page themes.

1. Braves
2. George Brett
3. Other Baseball
4. Football
5. Hockey
6. Basketball
7. Soccer
8. Golf
9. Other Sports
10. Non-Sports cards

Here are the nine Braves cards:

1957 Topps 117 - Joe Adcock
This is a perfect card to me and represents why I love the 1957 design.
Joe looks like all of the 6'4" 210 lbs that he was.  I would not have wanted to pitch to him.  He looks like the pitcher said something bad about Joe's mother.

1957 Topps 250 - Eddie Mathews
Another great 1957 Topps card.  As a Braves fan I admit that Mike Schmidt was a great player but I would take Eddie over him on an all-time National League team.  These two cards also help commemorate the Milwaukee Braves only World Championship in 1957.

1963 Topps 1 - 1962 National League Batting Leaders
1960's and 1970's leaders cards are among my favorite subsets because of the number of great players represented on them.  Tommie Davis had by far his best season in 1962.  Bill White went on the be the President of the National League.  This is in my Braves page because of Aaron.  The other two players on the card should need not introduction.  Among other NL players in 1962 Roberto Clemente finished 8th, Orlando Cepeda 10th and Willie Mays 11th in batting average.

1964 Topps 35 - Eddie Mathews
After I finish my 1976 Topps set I'm going to start working on 1964.  This is my favorite card that I have from this set.

1969 Topps 100 - Hank Aaron
The 1969 set is usually not my favorite but I love this card of Hank.  The Braves won the first ever National League West championship in 1969 so this card helps commemorate that in my sheet.

1974 Topps 1 - Hank Aaron
No Braves sheet would be complete without this card.  Someone pointed out to me recently that this card was made before Hank actually passed Babe Ruth so Topps was taking a chance.  Thankfully, nothing happened to Hank so this card became true early in the 1974 season.

1990 Classic Yellow T92 - Chipper Jones
This is a "pre-rookie" card of Chipper but it beats out his 1991 Topps card by a nose to be included in the sheet.  An 18-year old Chipper exudes confidence.  I first saw him in 1991 at the first ever Macon Braves game and as soon as I saw his swing I was a fan.

1995 Bowman 23 - Andruw Jones
I went to the last Macon Braves game in 1995 and everyone at Luther Williams Field was talking about Andruw.  When I got back to Atlanta I immediately found some Bowman packs and pulled this card.  Andruw went on to become my all-time favorite Brave.

2003 Leaf 60 4 - Andruw Jones
I love this insert set and would welcome any in trade.  I scored this from a group break I participated in a few years ago.


So that is the Braves page.  There were hard choices to make.  No Warren Spahn, no Phil Niekro, no Dale Murphy, etc. but I stand with the above cards.

Let me know what your Mission to Mars pages would be.

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