Monday, March 16, 2015

Mission To Mars Card Pages Part 8 - Hitting the Links

To recap:  These are the cards I would take with me if I could take ten 9-card pages with me to Mars.
I decided that each part of my collection cannot have more than one page.  The cards must fit into a regulation page as far as height and width but I am taking liberties with how thick some of the cards are.

When I told a friend that I would be talking about golf cards today he said "They make golf cards?"

They do indeed.

2001 Upper Deck #1
Tiger Woods popularity was the driving reason that Upper Deck decided to produce golf cards.  This is his rookie card.

2003 Upper Deck #48
Annika was the best female golfer in the world for several years.  She even appeared in a men's tournament.  Upper Deck added LPGA golfers for the first time in 2003.

2004 Upper Deck Promos #69
I have three promo cards from the 2004 set.  I think they came packaged with a price guide magazine that is no longer published.  I've seen a few of these online but not very many so I'm not sure how many were produced.

2012 SP Authentic Sign of the Times
Johnny Miller is best known now as an accouncer for NBC but he was a great golfer in the 1970's and won the US Open in 1973 and the British Open in 1976.

2012 SP Game Used Edition Tour Gear Combos
Paula Creamer is my current favorite LPGA player.  She won the US Women's Open in 2010.  She is known for wearing pink so this swatch is not surprising.

2013 Goodwin Champions Memorabilia
After many years of trying to land a Tiger memorabilia card in a pack I finally succeeded in 2013.

2013 Panini Golden Age Historic Signatures
As it says on the back of this card Jan was "golf's first pin-up girl."  I like the design of this card and the fact that the autograph is "on-card" and not on a sticker.

2013 SP Game Used Tour Gear Trios
Nick Faldo is one of my favorite golfers of all time.  All three of these golfers won majors with Faldo capturing 3 Masters and 3 British Opens.  Oddly enough, Duval seemed to be a better golfer when he was heavier.  When he started working out and got in shape his game struggled.

2013 SP Game Used Tour Gear Trios
This is, quite simply, one of the jewels of my entire card collection.  Collectively, these three greats won 35 major tournaments, including 13 Masters.


Golf is one of the major parts of my current collecting pattern.

I'm not sure why everyone seems to be hating on Tiger Woods so much for not playing in tournaments while he is trying to get his game back in shape, but the media loves to stir things up so I'm sure we'll be seeing various speculative stories until he wins another tournament, which I am sure he will.

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