Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Mission To Mars Card Pages Part 2

To recap:  These are the cards I would take with me if I could take ten 9-card pages with me to Mars.
I decided that each part of my collection cannot have more than one page.  The cards must fit into a regulation page as far as height and width but I am taking liberties with how thick some of the cards are.

Page 2 is all about my favorite player, George Brett.  I got to see George play exactly once.  The game was on August 5, 1980 in Detroit.  We were in Michigan visiting family and my dad took me to see the Tigers.  George hit a 3-run bomb in the first inning and then was knocked down twice by inside pitches in the 6th by Detroit starter Milt Wilcox.  George flew out and, as soon as the outfielder caught the ball, George charged the mound and started a brawl.  It was sublime.

1975 Topps #228
For those of you who don't know, this is George's rookie card.  It has to be included here just because of that.

1979 Kellogg's #50
Kellogg's issued cards for many years.  Some years you could get cards in cereal boxes and sometimes you had to save box tops to send in with some money to get the set.  Either way, they are great cards.  I have all of George's Kellogg's cards but this one stands out as my favorite.

1986 Fleer All-Star inserts #3
This was the first Fleer insert set and was in an age when the other card producers had no inserts so the set really stood out.  This is a great looking card.

1991 Topps Tiffany #540
This design is one of my absolute favorites.  Topps Tiffany paralleled the regular series and had a glossy finish.  A great picture of George's swing fronts the card with his stats from 1990 showing on the back.  In 1990 George became the only player in history to win batting titles in three different decades (1976, 1980, 1990).

1992 Leaf Gold Edition #255
This was a parallel insert in the Leaf set that year.  The black design really frames the picture well and the gold highlights are not over the top as they were on most "gold" cards in the 1990's.  George is poised to lash at a pitch of his liking.

2002 Donruss Originals What If 1978 #4
Donruss issued What If? inserts showing what their design may have looked like in the years prior to 1981 when they issued their first set.  I would have collected this set in 1978 since I really like the design.

2004 Timeless Treasures #94
Timeless Treasures was a set that was very expensive so I never got any packs.  This one came off of Ebay.  Another great picture of George's perfect swing framed in a nice, if somewhat garish, border.  It is numbered 621/999 on the back.

2005 Studio Portraits #SP28
There are about a billion (exaggeration) parallels of this set out there in the universe.  This is the only one I have of George.  I really like the design and the retro feel.  This one is numbered 10/45 on the back.

2014 Panini Golden Age Star Stamps #24
A new addition to my collection, this one appeals to me as a card collector and a stamp collector.  It shows George in his correct company with the other greatest Third Basemen of all time.


I do have some jersey and bat cards of George but none of them have a design that really stands out as good so they were skipped over.

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