Sunday, March 15, 2015

Mission To Mars Card Pages Part 7 - Kicking the Ball Around

To recap:  These are the cards I would take with me if I could take ten 9-card pages with me to Mars.
I decided that each part of my collection cannot have more than one page.  The cards must fit into a regulation page as far as height and width but I am taking liberties with how thick some of the cards are.

Page 7 represents my soccer collection.  I've been collecting soccer for many years and regularly get up early on weekend mornings to watch the Premier League on NBC Sports Network.

1990 Pro Set England #194
Vinny played for several years in England's top division.  Most of you probably recognize him from the many movies and television roles that he has had since his retirement from playing.  My favorite is as the lead soccer thug in Eurotrip.

1991 Pro Set Scotland #89 Tommy Turner
Tommy went on to a successful career in the adult diaper industry.

1996 Upper Deck USA Olympics #112
Mia helped bring women's soccer into the public conscience in the 1990's.  She is considered by many to be the greatest female soccer player ever.

2009-10 Panini Super Strikes Champions League
Lionel is my favorite non-English player so I root for Barcelona.

2008 Upper Deck MLS #61
You have to be famous to have your name included in a movie title.  Marrying a Spice Girl put him over the top.  His presence on the Galaxy made them my favorite MLS team.

2012 Goodwin Champions Memorabilia
My favorite goaltender.  Besides being the starter for the US National team Tim plays for Everton in the Premier League.

2013 Topps Premier League Green #118
I started rooting for Chelsea when my sister lived there a few years ago.  John is the anchor of Chelsea's defense and my favorite player on the team.

2014 Panini Prizm World Cup #142
Wayne is my favorite player on my favorite team, Manchester United.  I watched him score a goal against Tottenham this morning.  He is the first player in Premier League history to score 10 or more goals in 11 straight seasons.

2014 Topps MLS English Footballer
This is from an insert set in the 2014 MLS set.  It is based on the design from 1977 Topps English Footballer.  I will eventually try to complete this set.  Thierry Henry retired after the 2014 season.  He was a star on the undefeated 2003-04 Premier League champions Arsenal.

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